Equinox Fire Festival - one of the most idyllic spots in Dorset is now ours for a weekend, with a chance to see out the summer on the ‘equinox weekend’ expect beautiful dawns, amazing sunsets and clear white moons and starry skies, we’ll be having large fires every night (we mean proper fire!!!) and fireworks and local cider, local musicians, fire dancers, hula crews and circus skills,and local funky tribal DJ’s to keep you entertained.

The space for 400 campers without being close to your neighbours is immense, and the views incredible, with new thatched buildings containing hot showers, warm running sinks, and plumbed in beautiful toilets!!! (Whoop!!)


This is a place to come party in peace, bring the kids, make some wonderful memories, feather headdresses, creative face painting and lots of good quality home cooked food for all tastes!!

This is yet another stunning location we want to fill with a cool laid-back spiritual vibe, we have rolling hills, enchanting forests and miles and miles of astonishing views, wake up relaxed, create something from our log pile to sacrifice to the stars and welcome in the harvest moon... this is Equinox Fire Festival, this is Arkadia Events!!!

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